Buzz Labrador Retriever Puppy Male for sale in Genoa City, Wisconsin


Buzz's story
I am fostered near MARENGO, IL for more information, pictures & to apply for this dog go to our website     If you would like to meet/adopt this dog you must submit an application which is on our website under Adoption Process. Applications are processed in the order they are received so do not delay!
Licensed by the state of Wisconsin & Illinois NFP 501(c)3 Approved Rescue. 
Emperor Kuro Akami (Black Wolf)  or as we call him, Mr. Buzz.  He is doing great with house breaking.
VIDEO!!  Mr. Buzz would love to celebrate St. Pattys Day in a forever home.  He is APX. 11 weeks old & 8 pounds. This black Lab mix puppy has been spoiled in his foster home getting lots of snuggles & play time!  Mr. Buzz likes being around other dogs and plays nice.  He likes to play with dog toys of all sorts.  Mr. Buzz is used to being around people and is not shy. This baby is ready for a new home Now- so don't delay- submit an application today!  
When Mr. Buzz first came to K9LLR he was scared but soon relaxed and realized there was no threat, only love, snuggles, and playful canine wrestling and zoomies offered here. He still wanted to be King of All He Surveyed, however.  Hence the imperial name, suitable for a little guy with the heart of a wolf.
Buzz learned very quickly from his foster sisters where business was to be done, and by day #2, he knew exactly why he was being sent outside every 20 minutes. After the first week, Mr Akami was going to the door, scratching and whimpering to be let out. He has not had any accidents in the house since!
He does not like his crate. He will cry and bark if left in there, despite our efforts to make positive associations. Apartment type homes would not work with this pup- ask us about others. (We feed in crates since one Lab girl here will eat EVERYTHING if she can get to it.) He does sleep in the travel crate, positioned next to our bed, and is quiet through the night until early morning, when he needs to go out. Hell usually then go back to sleep.  He prefers to be on the bed with his humans, and loves to burrow under blankets. 
The donation for this dog is $295.00. If you are interested in meeting this dog, please submit an application found on our Website  under the Adoption Process tab. 
What you need to know about the Emperor:
He will thrive in a house with older inhabitants who are calm and non-threatening.
He is wary of anyone reaching for him (past bad associations?) and will take a while to trust you
He is still learning to not chew on humans (a puppy thing) but responds very well to a SSST noise that I use instead of NO since I dont like to yell at dogs, as its unpleasant for everyone.
He is house trained, and if you spend the first few days letting him go out to the same preferred area every 20 minutes, soon, hell tell you when he needs to go.  Any accidents ARE YOUR FAULT, NOT HIS.
He seems to bond strongly with one person.
A home with adults who wont grab him and scare him
A home that will give him lots of love and attention and snuggles ON HIS TERMS - lol
A home that will allow him to be on the furniture and sleep with his humans
A home that has his one bonded person home most of the time and doesnt need to crate him often
If you read this carefully and have the right place for him, Mr. Buzz will be a wonderful addition to your home. He is a very sweet boy who will give you a lifetime of unconditional love and affection.
All puppies & dogs have had a wellness  exam by a licensed Veterinarian, are healthy to the best of our knowledge & come with a Certified Health Certificate (CVI).  All adult dogs are heartworm tested & have had spay or neuter surgery. K9LLR puppies/dogs are also up to date on vaccines, deworming & have been given Nexgard Oral or Frontline Plus Topical for flea preventative. Heartworm Preventative ( Interceptor Plus or Iverhart Max ) is given to dogs 4 months & up. All dogs are groomed prior to adoption!    
All K9LLR dogs are fed a nutritious, quality 4,5 or 6 star dog food. As a Rescue we recommend: The  FROMM  brand line (Made locally),  CANIDAE  brand for adults & puppies and  I and LOVE and YOU  brand dog & puppy food. These foods can be found at most Pet, Feed & Whole Foods Market Stores in any state OR FREE delivery from Amazon, Bentley's or Chewy.
The donation for this dog is $295.00.  (Adult dogs are FULLY VETTED for 1 Year)
Serious inquiries only!   This dog is ready to go home Now, we CANNOT HOLD any Dog or Puppy unless you would like to pre-pay a $20 per day boarding fee.  Vet References ARE ALWAYS verified , if your past or present dog is not current on heartworm tests & preventative and a health exam, please do NOT apply until they are. We reserve the right to deny any application.  If you are interested in meeting this dog, please submit an application found on our Website  under the Adoption Process tab. 
Some of our puppies are mixed breeds & in most cases we do not know who their parents were, we do our best to properly Breed ID our pups, however we cannot be 100% sure of any mix breed puppy's mix.
Please Read:  Applications for this dog are handled through our Online Application  ONLY  in the order they are received - We keep track of which approved adopter has first choice on a particular dog using this fair system.  It takes 24-72 hours to process an application. If your application is not 100% completed it will be delayed & you could loose your place in line. HAVE A QUESTION? E-Mail 

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